BRIDGWATER has a new pilates class aimed at getting men stretching and keeping healthy.

Kate Bartles and Debbie Johnson started the Men on Mats group because they found men are reluctant to go to classes where there is a significantly higher ratio of women.

Kate Bartels said: “However from our own research in the local community and running groups, we found that if it was available, men would like to attend a pilates class.

“Pilates may not be for everyone. It is slow, controlled, but weak it is not.

“Pilates offers strength, flexibility, control, we work on the core, but we also focus on balance, we work on the spine, we improve range of motion, in all joints.

“We work on correcting posture, and with it alleviating problems like lower back pain.”

The Men on Mats classes will begin on Monday, September 2.

The sessions take place on Monday evenings between 7.15pm and 8.15pm at Northgate Primary School.

Debbie Johnson added: “Pilates is tough, but not in a competitive way. You don’t compete with who is next to you, you focus only on what you are trying to achieve.

"There are varying levels offered, so all abilities can take part. For sports people, it enhances performance, and reduces the risk of injury. For those who work in a seated position for long periods during their day, it is a great method of counteracting being hunched forward at our computer screens." For more details call 07931 756554.