BRIDGWATER police say they have had a productive summer so far and will continue to focus on dealing with anti-social behaviour in the town.

Sergeant Joe Piscina gave an update to Bridgwater Town Council at its meeting on Thursday evening (August 1) where he updated members on the force's work in the town centre since the previous meeting in June.

Sgt Piscina said: "It has been a good couple of months albeit we continue to have problems with homelessness/drug users in the town which is our main focus for the ASB we are experiencing.

"Since the last town council meeting using the local demand team we have had 165 hours of patrols within the town by police officers not including the local PCSOs on their patrols.

"We have also be using the new Op Remedy team which was formed in April targeting drug supply coming into the town.

"As a result of Police activity within the town centre we have made a number of arrests and dealt with 40 offenders."

Sgt Piscina also highlighted that a number of individuals had been warned using the constabulary's ASB tools and powers.

He added: "We will continue to use police officers in the town and again ask members of the public to report to us directly if they witness anything linked to drugs or ASB in the town when they see it so that we can respond and target those at the earliest opportunity."