BRIDGWATER Town Council is planning to launch a new festival to help people find out they can be more sustainable and do their bit to help save the planet.

Bridgwater Town Council has declared a climate emergency, but says it wants to follow this up with action and is planning an information hub and a green festival.

Thus on Saturday, September 7, the town will host its first Seed The Day Festival in Castle Street, which will be an eco-friendly festival full of information sharing, entertainment and exploring alternatives.

The council is also looking into the possibility of a Vegan Fair being held in Bridgwater which will promote the idea of switching to a plant-based diet as a way to help tackle the climate emergency.

Cllr Gibson recently held the first Climate Change Forum in Bridgwater which clearly recognised the importance of trees in the process and insisted on a policy of not just replacement of any trees that were removed but an increase in planting, creating urban orchards, ecological conservation areas to promote bio-diversity ,wild roadside verges and a mass planting programme of native trees and native plants.

The next Climate Change Forum at the Town Hall will be Thursday, August 15 and will focus on plastics.

Deputy town council leader Cllr Kathy Pearce is currently conducting a review on single-use plastics and will present her report at the next Climate Change Forum on Thursday, August 15 in the Town Hall, having produced a similar report in her role on Sedgemoor District Council a few months ago.

Cllr Pearce said: “The Blue Planet brought it home to us that we urgently need to stop the flow of plastics, in particular single use plastics.

“Besides the waste that litters our seas, streets and countryside, the burning of plastic releases poisonous chemicals which pollutes our air, causing respiratory problems and ill health.

“We need to change our reliance on plastic and work with producers and retailers to make the change.

“Firstly, however, we need to get our own house in order.

“Through this process, BTC can lead the way in showing how easy it will be for each of us to make small changes in our daily lives which will reduce plastics waste and make substantial improvements to the environment.”