CHILDREN from Hamp Nursery & Infant School have raised a staggering £1,745 for local charity School in a Bag.

The charity aims to give rucksacks full of stationary and resources to poor, orphan or disaster-affected children around the globe.

In order the raise the funds, Hamp Nursery & Infant School held a sponsored 'dress up and dance" day.

The children wore clothes that represented their aspired careers such as teachers, astronauts and farmers.

Every PE class was taught a dance, which was then performed to parents at the end of the day.

The schools fundraising efforts raised enough for 87 bags. The charity currently think that these bags will be sent to children in Gambia.

Matt Wright, teacher, said: "It was amazing for the children to see all the bags together and exactly how many lives their fundraising will change."

Lis Foy, from School in a Bag, returned to pack rucksacks alongside pupils.

Inside went such items such as exercise books, pencil case, maths set, pens, pencils, lunchbox and drink bottle.