SOMERSET'S unsung heroes have been honoured by County Council chairman Nigel Taylor for their tireless efforts.

Footpath champions, litter-pickers, village hall veterans and public loo saviours were among those honoured by Cllr Taylor when he presented awards recently.

The annual awards recognise outstanding commitment to Somerset’s communities and Cllr Taylor is delighted to be able to show his gratitude.

“These awards represent the sincere thanks of the County Council for the great things that people do to help others,” he said. “These are the people who give so much time to their communities – often unnoticed. The value added to our county is immeasurable.

“The range of what our community champions do is extraordinary and I was delighted to be able to show them that what they do is valued and appreciated. It is remarkable what people in all walks of life carry out, things that might not otherwise happen without their goodwill.”

The public was asked to come forward with nominations for people who have made an outstanding contribution to their community.

Below are Sedgemoor's winners and their citations for the awards:

Alan Bradford, North Petherton

"Alan has been a leading member of the local community for many years.

"For the past five years he has been the civic leader as the Town Mayor.

"Well-known throughout the parish and surroundings villages as someone that is easily approachable, he always has time to talk to people and listens to their concerns.

"He is principally a man of action, someone who prefers to do things rather than say things.

"In his role as town mayor, he worked tirelessly for the local community at a time when it was facing many difficulties and changes.

"His renowned sense of humour, together with his absolute integrity and sense of fair play, has ensured that the many meetings he has chaired have always been enjoyable as well as effective.

"With the support of his wife Janet, he has been an outstanding Town Mayor and although it is not something that he has ever sought, is well deserving of the recognition that this award represents."

Jenifer Weekes, Highbridge

"Jendy (as she is known) moved to the village in 1998 with her partner Roy.

"They both straight away became involved in the Village Community Association, managing the village hall, becoming the booking secretary, managing the village website and are Trustees of the Association.

"Jendy has a passion to organise each year a Take Art event which can be anything from plays, musical shows or children puppet theatres.

"Jendy volunteers in the Burnham RNLI shop, which she helped set up, and is the leading lady at Mark Harvest Home serving lunch to 450 people each year.

"Jendy is a valued member of the village and with a cheerful personality, is always willing to help out when asked to do so, we believe she is truly deserving of this award."

Peter Brown, Wedmore

"Pete has worked tirelessly for several years over-seeing the creation of the new recreation ground in Wedmore.

"Up to date he has raised £1.4 million pounds in funding towards building the new sports pavilion which when completed will be a fantastic asset to the community and surrounding parishes.

"He thoroughly needs recognition for all his amazing efforts."

Roger Musgrove, Bridgwater

"We believe that everyone in the parish would support our nomination for Roger “Our Postie” for this award.

"He is incredibly popular, diligent, valued and hugely appreciated right across the parish for his acts of kindness, help, support, friendliness and very cheery disposition.

"Even the dogs love him for their daily biscuit. Importantly he also “looks out for people” in our rural and sparsely populated parish - and could be a life saver."

Suzanne Pomeroy, North Petherton

"Sue has been with the Bridgwater Operatic Society (BOS) for 50 years, having many roles from a player, directing many shows, chair of the management and managing our box office, all on a voluntary basis.

"Sue has written two books, one of which is a history of BOS.

"She is a mind of knowledge and well deserves this award."