BRIDGWATER and District Civic Society has called on EDF this week to provide answers about the long-term plans its Bath Road accommodation complex.

The site, known as the Sedgemoor Campus opened in February to accommodate up to 986 Hinkley C workers to stay in one of the Travelodge-style rooms for £25 a night, or even £20 if they are staying for a long period.

The Civic Society chairman Dave Chapple said there were ‘local concerns’ that the occupation rate at the campus was low and ‘that workers do not wish to stay in the hostel and instead choose to seek lodgings in Bridgwater or neighbouring villages’.

Mr Chapple also called on EDF to lay out plans for the future of the site once construction of the new nuclear power station is complete, saying it had the potential to be a key housing site.

EDF did not reveal what the occupancy rate for the site was four months in, but said its accommodation strategy was proving ‘increasingly successful’.

David Eccles, EDF’s head of stakeholder engagement for Hinkley C said: “Our accommodation strategy is designed to minimise the impact on local housing and the evidence is clear that this approach is proving increasingly successful.

“We are encouraging workers to take advantage of our high quality accommodation, with attractive rates, great leisure facilities and a friendly welcome from our local service providers.

“The Sedgemoor Campus in Bridgwater, along with another located at Hinkley Point C, provide hundreds of jobs for local people.

“Many of these roles have been filled by people who live within walking distance of the Sedgemoor Campus, with 24 per cent coming from the nearby Sydenham estate.

EDF also could not confirm what long term plans there are for the site, with Mr Eccles stating: “We continue to work in partnership with Sedgemoor District Council to ensure a sustainable legacy for Bridgwater.”

He added: “The local councils are using our £7.5m Accommodation Fund very effectively to deliver even more accommodation to the local area.

“Their efforts have already generated nearly 1,900 extra bed-spaces. This partnership is ensuring plenty of accommodation for local needs, our workforce and tourists alike.”