WYNDHAM ward councillors are appealing for a 20mph speed limit to be permanently installed near Alfoxton Road.

Town and district councillors Gill Slocombe and Rachael Lilley were joined by Somerset County Councillor Ann Bown calling for the change.

A temporary 20mph zone was installed in the ward near Alfoxton Road for the six month duration of Wessex Water roadworks, and proved popular with many local residents.

Alfoxton Road re-opened on Thursday, June 13 once the gully traps were cleared, and the park will now be re-instated.

Cllr Slocombe said: "It had been a six month process and while it has been very challenging for the buses, I think everything has gone very well.

"We want to thank all the residents who have had to put up with all the disruption of these essential works.

"There will be more works to be done in this ward but these will not start until the end of the year.

"What we need to concentrate on now, is getting our 20mph throughout this ward, which is something all the residents have asked for."