BRIDGWATER'S Jacob Peregrine-Wheller displayed incredible athleticism as he ran, jumped, climbed and pulled himself into the final of ITV's Ninja Warrior UK for the second time.

Parkour specialist Jacob showed amazing mental and physical strength and agility as he made his way past dozens of fiendish obstacles to make it into the final, which was aired on Saturday evening (and is still available on the ITV player).

Despite Jacob's best efforts he just missed out on the trophy, but he is determined to come back and compete again next year.

"I'm proud that I've become a two-time finalist - it is an achievement I'll hold forever," Jacob said.

"I splashed out on an obstacle I had practised in my gym which was frustrating, but that's the love and hate of Ninja Warrior.

"You get one chance at everything, you aren't allowed any practice on the course first.

"I know I'm able to complete every obstacle individually, but can I do them in the day, all back to back, with no rest? That's what we train to be able to do."

So what is next for Jacob?

Well quite a lot actually.

"I'm taking the time to launch and ethical clothing line called Eco Threads," Jacob said.

"All of our clothes are made from organic materials, and many are recycled.

"All products are Fair Wear certified, meaning people in factories are working in safe, regulated conditions with fair wages."

Jacob has embraced a vegan diet, which he says has given him more energy and the ability to recover faster, improving his training.

"I will also continue to teach parkour and will be busy training and preparing for Ninja Warrior season 6," Jacob said.

"I leave this series of Ninja Warrior feeling like a winner.

"Kids and parents a like have been sending me lovely messages, asking about training, plus I've made some amazing friendships with other contestants along the way."