NORTH Petherton councillor Bill Revans will lead the newly invigorated Liberal Democrats on Sedgemoor District Council it was announced this week.

Sedgemoor is the only Somerset District Council left where the Conservatives retained power in last week’s elections.

Cllr Revans was the sole Liberal Democrat on the council from 2015 to 2019 but will now be joined by six fellow Lib Dem councillors, the party's largest presence on the district council for 20 years.

He was joined on May 2nd by newly elected councillors in Cheddar & Shipham, Burnham-on-Sea North, Burnham-on-Sea Central, Highbridge & Burnham Marine and North Petherton

Cllr Revans said: “Our priorities as a Liberal Democrat group will be to open up the council procedures and hold the Executive cabinet to account for their decision making.

“We are hugely concerned that massive development has come to the area without appropriate infrastructure for the communities.

“We also want to see a huge emphasis on residents health and wellbeing, especially mental health, addiction and dementia.”

“The council declared a Climate Change Emergency recently and we will ensure that this is backed up by action not just words.

"Low lying Sedgemoor is at the front line of rising sea levels.”

Cllr Revans also highlighted working towards more affordable and social housing for the area and better opportunities for women.

“We are looking forward to being an effective opposition group on the council making sure the council’s priorities are right and deliver value for money to council tax payers.”

In 1992, at the age of just 23 - dubbed ‘Billy the Kid’ - he was the Liberal Democrats’ candidate for parliament in Bridgwater against respected cabinet member and Bridgwater MP Tom King, and managed to reduce the Conservative majority to come in second place.

He is also a former mayor of North Petherton.