BRIDGWATER Town Council has kept a strong Labour majority following Thursday’s elections - but the Conservatives did make gains.

Labour councillors Dave Loveridge, Tony Heywood, Diogo Rodrigues, Graham Granter, Liz Leavy, Leigh Redman, Mick Lerry, Kathy Pearce, Brian Smedley all return to the council.

However, there are some new faces too, with Julie Cordiner, Li Gibson and Glen Burrows making their way on to the council for Labour.

For the Conservatives, Rachael Lilley and Gill Slocombe regained seats in the Wyndham ward, mirroring their representation on the district council, with Liberal Democrat Peter Johnstone losing his seat.

Suria Aulja will also be a new face on the council after the Conservatives won the Dunwear South election ahead of Labour’s Gary Tucker by seven votes, 209 to 202.

Meanwhile Conservative candidate Mike Cresswell, ousted from the district council, managed to hang on to his seat.

In the Fairfax East ward where two seats were up for grabs, Diogo Rodrigues topped the list with 294 votes, but Mike Cresswell pipped Labour’s Alex Glassford by just a single vote, 227 to 226.

There will be 12 Labour candidates to the Conservatives four.

The council also now has an even split of men and women, with eight apiece.

Bridgwater remains a lone Labour stronghold in the West of England between Bristol and Exeter.

The annual town council meeting takes place on Thursday, May 9.