BUDDING boffins were on the receiving end of a gift to help their studies this week in 1999.

Youngsters at Northmoor Primary School, at Moorland, were set to get better online thanks to a new workstation which enabled four computers to run side-by-side, creating a computer suite.

The suite was completed by S Notaro Ltd.

Headteacher, Jan Steer-Smith, said: "We didn't want the computers dotted around the school but we didn't have anywhere to put them.

"We are really pleased with the work station and eight children can be taught at the same time."

Pictured are Mrs Steer-Smith with Phil Notaro and pupils Lynsey Addison, Laura Gibbs, Robert Venn, Joseph Hoccom, Jessie Pope and Kate Addison.

Even more exciting was the fact the school now boasted a computer 'connected to the Internet by the Government'...