POSTAL voting cards sent to residents across Sedgemoor have caused confusion prompting the council to take action.

Sedgemoor District Council said it received a number of phone calls from voters earlier this month who they said they were unsure about the number of candidates they could vote for in wards and parishes where there is more than one vacancy.

A spokesperson for Sedgemoor District Council, said they are writing to all posters to ensure they are clear about how to vote in wards with more than one vacancy.

The spokesperson said: "Postal votes for the district and parish elections were sent first class on Monday, April 15.

"We have since received a number of telephone calls requiring clarification around the number of candidates that a person can vote for in wards or parishes where there is more than one vacancy.

"The wording of point three on the reverse of the statement suggests that electors can only vote for one candidate; in some wards or parishes this may be misleading, so for absolute clarity we are asking electors to please follow the instructions on the top of the ballot paper/s they have received.

"All postal voters will be receiving a letter for additional clarity."