A MAN who drove his car at a woman and her two-year-old son and then fled the scene and crashed into a parked car has been jailed for 16 months.

Jacob Monaghan, 29, of Stretton Close, Bridgwater, admitted that in July 2018 he breached his suspended sentence after he drove his car dangerously towards a woman and her son, who cannot be named for legal reasons, in Highbridge and damaged a parked car after he fled the scene.

Prosecuting Nicky Coombe, said the woman and son, were walking along a pavement in Highbridge in July 2018 when they heard ‘tyres screeching’ and saw a car approach them.

The court heard the woman pulled her toddler away from the road as Monaghan drove at them in his Audi and shouted.

Mrs Coombe said: “Monaghan stopped and said ‘do you want to start or do you want to go?'. He accused the woman and her friend of talking about him.

“They saw that he was dragging on a silver cannister containing NOS...he had about 200 of them in his car.

“They said they were on their way somewhere and wanted no difficulty. “

The court heard a police officer stopped across the road from Monaghan after seeing what was happening and Monaghan quickly drove in an ‘aggressive’ manor.

Mrs Coombe said the police officer said he followed Monaghan down the road and he saw him lose control of his car and collide with a parked vehicle. Monaghan then ran away but was arrested by police a few days later.

Mrs Coombe said police investigations revealed the car Monaghan hit moved back between 10 and 15ft as a result of the crash.

The court heard the owner of the car said the defendant came to his house later that day and apologised and gave him his insurance information.

Defending, Mr Light, said Monaghan has been engaging with the probation service since the offences but said he missed an appointment as he was headed to Belgium with his girlfriend when he was contacted and told he needed to come in.

Mr Light said Monaghan has been struggling with family pressures due to his step-mum being ill and he has been trying to support his father through this as well as starting his own business.

Mr Light said: “He has made some positive changes in his life and has stopped taking drugs which is a big improvement. He knows he has made mistakes but sometimes you have to make mistakes a few times to get things fixed in your head.”

When sentencing Monaghan, Judge David Ticehurst, said: “You committed your first offence when you were 17. You were subject to a community order but despite that you have continued to commit offences."

He sentenced Monaghan to 16 months in jail, disqualified him from driving for two years and ordered him to pay £107 in costs.