BRIDGWATER is home to a exciting new social enterprise giving vulnerable people the chance to learn skills and improve their health and wellbeing.

Rusty Road 2 Recovery has a number of branches to support people, but one of the main ones is a day-long support programme where participants work as a team to restore classic British vehicles including cars, motorcycles and tractors.

Vince Davis set up the organisation after being inspired by Seeds of Hope when overcoming his own mental health problems.

“The NHS treatment meant you basically got one hour a week for six weeks or so to help you and while I don’t want to knock the NHS, for a lot of people it wasn’t adequate,” Mr Davis said.

“I attended Seeds of Hope sessions, which fit in six hours in a day, mixing gardening and counselling, and I found it so much more helpful.

“But gardening isn’t for everyone. I have a background as a mechanic and thought Rusty Road 2 Recovery would be a good way to adapt the structure.”

Rusty Road 2 Recovery deals with three main groups of people; anyone who is dealing with mental health problems, older people who suffer from isolation and loneliness, and young people in need of guidance and the opportunity to gain qualifications.

“The day takes six hours from 10am to 4pm. We meet and greet to begin, then we do about an hour and a half of work, stop for lunch, do some more work and then have a recovery session where people can discuss their issues,” Mr Davis said.

“People are more open to discussing their problems and sharing solutions as they have been working together during the day.”

Once the vehicles are restored, they are then sold at auction with the money raised going back into funding the service.

“I think it is actually quite a good metaphor for the treatment,” Mr Davis said.

“These cars are not considered much use but with a bit of care and attention they can thrive again, and I think the same can applied to the people who mend them.”

Based on the Colley Lane industrial estate, R2RR offers a number of other services too, including art therapy with art and sculpture workshops and a ‘PIP Garage’.

PIP stands for Personal Independent Payment, which has replaced the disability living allowance.

“The change has meant a lot of people to lose their disability car and put them under financial pressure.

“We offer heavily discounted prices upon proof of PIP allowance.

“This can help vulnerable people get to doctors and hospital appointments or even just get out and do the shopping.”

Cllr Dave Loveridge said: “I came down her to meet Vince and I was so impressed when I saw what they are doing.”

The unit is based at Unit 23f, Axe Road on the Colley Lane industrial estate.

For more information about Rusty Road 2 Recovery and its services, call 01278 431864, email or visit