IT has been another chaotic week in Westminster with Brexit causing havoc and MPs taking a lot of flack in the national newspapers.

With many people scratching their heads wondering where the Brexit saga will take us next, here Bridgwater and West Somerset MP Ian Liddell-Grainger gives us his take on another bizarre seven days in the House of Commons:

To those of my constituents who witnessed Parliament’s Brexit votes with furrowed brows and disbelief I offer genuine sympathy.

If you think you are puzzled then, frankly, so am I.

Brexit was never going to be easy but even the most pessimistic souls failed to predict quite how confusing the whole thing has now become.

My cards are on the table.

I wanted to support the Prime Minister’s deal, but despite improvements squeezed out of Brussels at the very last minute it was a deal that could have forced us to stay in the EU club forever.

The Attorney General, Geoffrey Cox, and the Prime Minister herself confirmed this to me in person.

I told them both what I am telling you all – that, reluctantly, I would have to vote against.

This was done with a heavy heart and great deal of soul-searching.

But I remain firm in my view that it was better to oppose an agreement with so may hidden pitfalls.

In politics loyalty may be important.

Blind loyalty in this case, however, would have been downright dishonest and potentially dangerous.

Bridgwater and West Somerset voted heavily in favour of leave.

To be true to the voters is more important that party unity. I also hoped to preserve the potential deterrent of a “no-deal Brexit”.

Without such a threat how on earth could we expect Brussels to take us seriously in any future negotiations?

Yet, even as I write, the magic Brexit roundabout is about to grind into unpredictable life once more on a fresh journey which could still result in an unwanted extension of the long-stated exit day, another uncertain vote on the Prime Minister’s deal, or something completely different.

I would love to be able to tell you that I know what will happen next.

But, as yet, all bets are off.