A TROLL sent a threatening message to a Somerset MP in the wake of the Brexit votes this week.

The constituent hinted they would be violent towards Somerton and Frome MP David Warburton if they ever met and even suggested he should take his own life.

Mr Warburton, who voted to keep a no deal exit from the European Union on the table, wryly responded on social media: "It's always a please to do this job."

The text of the message to the MP read: "You better hope we never meet in person.

"You are a pathetic piece of work.

"Enjoy the last months being an MP. TRAITOR.

"Mrs Thatcher will be turning in her grave.

"I wish all the bad luck in the world as from today.

"Suicide would bring less shame to your family, may be worth considering."

Bridgwater Mercury: