A DISQUALIFIED driver who breached a suspended sentence handed to him for leading police on a high-speed chase has been jailed for 18 months.

Jamie-Lee Owen, 25, of Campion Way, Bridgwater, led police on a high speed pursuit between Chard and Taunton last summer which he was sentenced for in November 2018.

But he flouted the 14 suspended sentence and driving ban slapped on him after being caught driving while disqualified in February 2018 and November 2018.

At a hearing at Taunton Crown Court on Friday (March 8) prosecuting Emma Martin told the court Owen failed to appear for sentencing in April 2018 and faced a charge of malicious communications after he posted a letter from social services regarding the care of his son on Facebook with the words 'now you are both f*****' in 2018.

The prosecution said the post was directed at the grandparents of Owen's son, who are currently have custody of the defendant's son.

Defending, Harry Ahuja, said Owen suffers with mild learning difficulties and co-operated with police when he was stopped for driving while disqualified in April and November 2018.

Mr Ahuja said: "In a psychiatric Dr Ahmed said the defendant has the mental age of some one who is in their teens and has a mild learning disability.

"Owen is someone who is easily influenced and suggestible.

"He became homeless and everything went off the rails.

"He did not have access to any benefits and was living and sleeping rough.

"He wasn't happy with his son being put into his grandmother's care so he reacted the way he did.

"He has come to terms with the fact that if he wants to appeal he has to do it through the right channels."

When sentencing Owen, Judge David Ticehurst, said: "You are 25-years-old now Jamie Lee-Owen and although you have difficulties in you life I have made allowances for these difficulties in the past.

"How on earth is any judge that deals with family matters going to listen to you if you do something like this."

Owen replied: "I have now realised that I am 25-years-old and I want to change my life."

Judge Ticehurst sentenced Owen to 18 months in jail and ordered him to pay a £115 statutory surcharge.

After sentencing Owen, Judge Ticehurst said: "Jamie Lee-Owen unless you get a grip on your life and take responsibility for yourself you will end up in prison for longer periods of time.

"I hope that you change your life when you get out of prison."