A BRAVE driver saved a diabetic man by swerving in front of his runaway car after he had a hypoglycaemic attack at the wheel.

Toby French, 28, from Burnham-on-Sea, overtook the out of control Nissan Cube on Wylds Road in Bridgwater on Sunday (February 3) after he saw the car swerving across the road and braking suddenly.

The father of one, who is a double amputee, had been following the car for a few minutes before deciding he had to take action to save the elderly motorist at the wheel.

Footage captured on Mr French's dash camera shows the Nissan Cube weaving in and out of oncoming traffic and mounting a curb before Mr French swerved in front of it to bring it to a stop.

Speaking after the incident, Toby said: "I’d just left Farm Foods and was going left onto the A38 Bristol Road into slow moving traffic.

"After three or four cars overtook this car I was behind it travelling 15mph with it swerving across the road and randomly stopping and pulling away.

"I thought straight away it was potentially a drink driver so contacted 999 to report it and stayed behind him just in case he collided with someone.

"He then turned onto Wylds Road where he was getting increasingly dangerous, driving up curbs, going on the opposite side of the road and randomly stopping in junctions.

"Whilst trying to get a look at what the driver looked like I noticed a small older lady in the passenger seat and a mobility scooter in the rear I thought the driver may be elderly as well and having a medical issue."

Toby said he alerted the police that an elderly person was driving the car and told them he was going to force the driver to stop despite knowing the risks involved.

He said: "When it was safe I pulled round him and we stopped, I got out telling them loud and clear to stay where he was, opening his door and removing the key.

"His wife in the passenger seat then told me he was diabetic and having a hypo. A member of public behind also got out and assisted whilst I informed the call handler and requested a ambulance."

A hypoglycaemic attack, or a hypo, occurs when blood sugar levels fall under a certain level and can be caused by sufferers having too much insulin or too little food.

A spokesman for South Western Ambulance Service said the elderly man was treated at the scene by paramedics and taken to hospital for further treatment.

Toby said he is pleased the man was unharmed in the incident and issued advice to motorists in a bid to help them if they see something similar on the roads.

He said: "I am happy that it ended how it did and that no-one was injured, it’s definitely something I’m going to remember for while.

"If you are in this situation my advice would be to keep calm.

"Call 999 and give as much detail to the call handler as possible, keep a safe distance away, don’t take any unnecessary risks and do not put yourself in danger."