SCHOOLS in Bridgwater are welcoming in the latest performance league tables.

Some schools across the town performed particularly well, with the number of pupils reaching expected standards rising across the country.

Across England, 64 per cent of 11-year-olds who sat this year’s Sats, or national curriculum tests, met Government targets in all three areas, up from 61 per cent last year, according to the Department for Education (DfE).

While the number of schools considered to be under-performing has decreased, 364 mainstream primaries in England fell below the primary school floor standard.

In the Bridgwater area, the majority of schools achieved at least average levels for progress in reading, writing and maths.

Of the top-achieving schools for progress is Spaxton CofE Primary School.

The maintained school saw 87 per cent of its pupils met the expected standard, while 20 per cent achieved a higher standard.

The school was ‘well above average’ in progress terms for the three key areas, and had an average score in reading and maths of 108.

Acting headteacher, Luke Kelly said: “We, at Spaxton School, are very proud of our pupils who showed grit and determination to keep challenging themselves to reach for the stars.

“As a small school, our team get to know all the children well and this individual knowledge helps us support their learning and help them grow.”

Elsewhere in the area, Enmore CofE Primary School also had cause for celebration.

The school was 'well above average' for reading and maths and 89 per cent of pupils meet expectations. Five per cent of pupils went on to achieve higher results than expected. The school saw an average of 112 in reading and 109 in maths.

Leaders at the school said while the tables show a pleasing result - they are just a snapshot.

Duncan MacRae, headteacher, said: "Every year the performance tables just provide a snapshot but we were nonetheless delighted with how hard last year’s year 6 worked and are pleased their excellent progress has been recognised.

"They were a great group of children."

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