A SEVERELY disabled nine-year-old has been awarded a £21.86 million care package at the Royal Courts of Justice after suffering extreme head injuries at birth.

Errors during the boy’s birth at Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton, in 2009 resulted in severe head trauma for the child, who cannot legally be named.

He had a fractured skull, soft tissue injury, brain damage and bleeding, with haemorrhaging.

He has cerebral palsy, developmental delay and microcephaly. Learning difficulties, sight and speech defects, and behavioural problems mean he needs one-to-one care and support for life.

The court heard his injuries resulted from negligence and inadequate care by those tending his mother during the birth, which has changed the course of all their lives.

Among medical staff’s errors and poor judgement was an incorrect application of forceps to his head, causing severe injuries. They failed to seek advice from a consultant or senior obstetrician, with the delivery not recognised as possibly complex with a big risk of maternal trauma.

His mother was in pain due to a failure to provide spinal anaesthetic, which compromised the chance of a successful delivery.

Angharad Hughes, partner in JMW Solicitors, which represents the boy, said: “Nothing we do can turn back the clock and change what happened that day and no amount of money will ever be able to compensate him - and his family - for the substandard level of care which he received.

“His care needs are complex, so what this settlement will do is ensure he has the best possible quality of life, with access to a high standard of care, support and equipment, plus adequate housing for himself and his family.

“This has been an enormously difficult time for this family, but I hope that this settlement provides financial peace of mind and the assurance that he will be looked after properly.”

Musgrove admitted its negligence in 2014. A spokesman said: “We want to again apologise to the family for the failings in the care provided that has caused this child’s injuries. A financial package has been agreed that will ensure he gets the care he requires during his lifetime. We wish to extend our best wishes to the boy and his family for the future.”