A BRIDGWATER woman has hit out after authorities failed to clear a disgusting heap of rubbish left next to her house which has led to a mice infestation.

Chevaugn Povey and her family live in Wadham Close and six months ago their neighbours who had mental health difficulties moved out of the house next door.

In the past the neighbours had been known to have problems with hoarding, and three months after moving out of the home, members of the family next door came back, cleared out a lot of the house and dumped the contents in the garden including sofas, a bed, animal and food waste, CDs and video games, toys and more.

Bridgwater Mercury:

DISGUSTING: Chevaugn started finding mice in her home not long after

Despite Chevaugn’s protestations and numerous calls to Sanctuary Housing, it was only this week the property was cleared after Chevaugn spoke to the Bridgwater Mercury and the nearby Pre-School warning that the situation had escalated to a public health issue.

“Over the past couple of months we keep finding mice in the house - the final straw was last week when my five-year-old daughter found one in her bedroom,” Miss Povey said.

“My dog has caught two, I have caught two in mousetraps, and I have heard others about the house.

“We have been constantly finding mice droppings around the house. It is disgusting and depressing.”

Katie Poole, operations manager at Sanctuary Housing, said: “Our staff started to remove the items from the neighbouring garden on Tuesday, December 4 and we expect it to be cleared by the end of the week.

“Specialist pest control contractors will then be visiting the two properties and we will ensure Miss Povey is updated on the work that is being done.”

Bridgwater Mercury:

CLEARANCE: Sanctuary Housing officers went in this week to clear the garden

The garden clearance work was completed on Friday.

Chevaugn said she was pleased that action was being taken but disappointed it had taken so long for something to be done.

“I understand there are processes that need to be followed when it comes to evicting residents from housing associations but this was unacceptable,” Miss Povey said.

“It has been a nightmare for me and my family, and with the school just round the corner it could have been a serious public health hazard.

“It really got me down - it makes me wonder why I bothered looking after my house and garden when we had that mess next door.”