A NORTH Petherton woman is pleading to landlords to give her nephew who has mental health issues a chance to be a tenant before they are evicted from their home.

Lynn Spencer currently lives with her nephew Stacey Nelson, 47, in a cottage on Cliff Road, North Petherton.

“We were given four months notice which is very reasonable but while I have found a home, Stacey faces living in a B&B unless we can find a place for him soon,” Mrs Spencer said.

“He has post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety, and does not like much social interaction but it actually makes him a very good tenant as he can pay, he is quiet and keeps himself to himself.

“However many places I have applied for so far automatically say no because he is a DSS tenant.

“This is my last resort.”

Lynn asks any landlord with a suitable property to call her on 01278 662323.