CHILDREN from St John and St Francis School, in Bridgwater, have been learning about the impact of palm oil on the environment for their most recent project.

And on learning of the devastation palm oil has been causing for the habitat of orangutans, the students have written letters to the Prime Minister and many giant companies that use palm oil in their products asking them to curtail the practice and find a more sustainable alternative.

Palm oil has made national headlines after advertising watchdog Clearcast banned Iceland’s animated Christmas advert made with the help of Greenpeace telling the story of an orangutan whose home is being destroyed by palm oil producers.

Bridgwater Mercury reporter Steven Salter went and gained some insight into the matter from the Year 6 St John and St Francis class taught by Laura Rendall about what they had learned during the course of their project.

“It is really sad that every day 25 orangutans die because companies are clearing their forest homes for palm oil,” says Freddie.

Rachel added: “Pepsi use 450,000 tonnes of palm oil each year and Malaysia and Indonesia are the two main countries where Palm Oil comes from.”

Ella said: “It is not just orangutans but sloths and jaguars who are put at risk by palm oil.”

“I think the adults carrying out this practice are being very selfish,” added Carlo.

Teacher Laura Rendall said: “The pupils have really engaged with this project and have written some very moving letters.

“They saw the Iceland advert and have enjoyed tackling such a topical subject.”