WORKS on £182,000 worth of traffic calming measures for Cannington are expected to start in Easter 2019.

The money comes from the EDF Hinkley C Community Impact Mitigation (CIM) and will be spent on providing a number of safety enhancements to alleviate problems created by the increased volume and speed of traffic travelling through the village.

Somerset County Council is responsible for the delivery of the scheme on behalf of Cannington Parish Council, and the scheme is currently undergoing a ‘Road Safety Audit’ which must be approved before further progress can be made.

Chairman of Cannington Parish Council Colin Allen said following a meeting with Somerset County Council on November 9 that it was anticipated the works would start in Easter 2019.

The money will be spent on road narrowing priorities at the eastern end of the village, traffic islands adjacent to Jubilee Gardens, speed cushions on Rodway Hill, 20mph speed restrictions close to the school, and footway widening near the village hall and a series of other minor improvements.