RESIDENTS along Wills Road in Bridgwater are calling for more traffic calming measures to be put in place after another car crash caused damage to a property along the road.

Brian Withers of Wills Road has long been campaigning for more action to be taken by the local authorities, and has totted up at least 17 crashes in the 18 years he has lived there.

Last year Somerset County Council (SCC) funded pedestrian islands along the road but Mr Withers says this latest accident if further evidence the current traffic calming measures are not making enough of a difference.

The latest crash happened at the end of September and saw one Evesham Drive resident have 20 metres of boundary wall and fencing require reconstruction.

There was also damage to the garden and cracked patio slabs and damaged decking, following the late night smash.

The resident whose property was damaged said: "There are eight properties on the bend at the junction of Evesham Drive, 50 per cent of whom have now received significant property damage from speeding vehicles that have lost control.

"This is an alarming statistic by anyone’s measure. My understanding is that Somerset County Council only record data on casualty or vehicle-on-vehicle incidents so it would seem we are off their radar.

"Given the evidence that Brian has produced it is incredibly fortunate that there have not been more serious casualties, yet."

The resident says they would like to the adverse camber on the bend near Evesham Drive corrected, and failing that would like to see red warning signs, 'Slow' road markings on the road and full width speed bumps near the entry and exit to the bend.

An SCC spokesman said: “We take road safety seriously and work closely with police to analyse collision data and introduce solutions where appropriate.

"We generally prioritise sites where significant numbers of injury collisions have occurred and carefully consider a number of factors to ensure we are targeting our limited resources at areas which would benefit most from improvements."

"You can help improve collision data by reporting such incidents to the police at”