A HINKLEY C construction foreman has been awarded a prestigious accolade after helping save a man’s life on site.

On March 15 of this year, Lee Mason, a contractor for Kier BAM construction, was working a normal day when he received a call saying one of his men, aged 53, had collapsed in a culvert.

“When I arrived my foreman who worked for me was already giving CPR to the collapsed worker,” Mr Mason, a trained first aider, said.

“All those who were there before had taken action and were spot on in helping the casualty,” Mr Mason said.

Mr Mason had a quickly spoke to colleagues to assess the situation, as more back up was called in the form of an ambulance and the on-site Hinkley nurses.

Mr Mason continued to give CPR to the man for nearly 20 minutes and administered shocks from the defibrillator, while others helped co-ordinate the stretcher to get the man out of the culvert.

The casualty was lifted from the trench and treated by paramedics and taken to Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton and has gone on to make a good recovery, although he had not returned to Hinkley C.

Mr Mason has been awarded a Royal Humane Society Resuscitation Certificate for his efforts but says it was really a team effort that saved the man’s life.

“I think the rescue was a great credit to the training and procedures in place on the Hinkley C construction site,” Mr Mason said.

“I have worked on many construction sites over the years and I believe that if this had happened on any other site, the man who collapsed would not be alive today.

“Everyone there worked together well and it was the collaborative effort that helped save his life.”

No date has yet been set for presentation of the award.

The Royal Humane Society was established in 1774 and is known as the premier national body for ‘honouring bravery in the saving of human life’.

For more information about the work of the Royal Humane Society visit royalhumanesociety.org.uk.