A WORKER at Hinkley Point B power station has just become the first ever female nuclear fuel flask transporter driver in the country.

Liz Dunn, who is employed by Workplace Solutions, has worked at the EDF Energy site for six years.

She achieved this unique accolade after replying to a vacancy advertised on an internal notice board and in doing so, she has fulfilled a lifelong dream.

"I have been interested in large lorries and vehicles since I was a child," said Liz, who lives in Bridgwater.

“When I saw the advert I knew it was my dream job and promptly applied.”

After successfully navigating her way through the interview and selection process, Liz embarked on an 18 month training programme consisting of intensive theoretical and practical training courses.

After successfully passing a series of examinations, she was given the green light to drive the unique lorry transporter which is used to take spent fuel from the power station to Bridgwater Railhead.

“Going through the training was extremely hard, and I can remember thinking to myself at times that I’d never get through it all," said Liz.

“However, with help, support, encouragement and at times counselling, from my work colleague, Roy Hughes, and my family, I successfully passed all of the necessary exams.”

Since finishing the training, there has been no stopping her and now Liz is regularly seen driving the fuel flask transporter both around the power station and on the roads leading to Bridgwater Railhead.

“I am so thrilled of what I have achieved and in fulfilling a lifelong ambition to drive a large vehicle”, added Liz.

“My father, John, is also extremely proud of me and what I have achieved, especially when I told him I was the first ever female nuclear fuel flask transporter driver in the country.”

Peter Evans, Hinkley Point B’s Station Director, said: “It’s the people who work at Hinkley Point B that make the power station so very special, and it’s always pleasing to see workers aiming high and realising their full potential.

"On behalf of everybody at Hinkley Point B I would like to congratulate Liz on her achievement“.