SPAXTON Parish Council has come up with an alternative plan as it attempts to fight a controversial development at Four Forks.

In June, plans were unveiled for 15 new homes - six of which would be affordable - at Four Forks House off Charlynch Lane, which the Parish Council described as 'a step too far'.

A spokesman said: "For reasons that include the negative impact on neighbouring homes, traffic and road safety risks, lack of adequate parking, unnecessary incursion into green field land and visual impact on the character of the area, Spaxton Parish Council objected to the plans."

The council is now consulting on an alternative location for the required six affordable homes.

"The parish owns a field adjacent to Peartwater Road, originally bought by Somerset County Council in 1920.

"Despite the best efforts of the parish council over many years, only a small proportion of the open area has been required for the allotments, approximately 1.36 acres of the 5.5 acre site.

"The council would therefore like to devote up to 0.75 acres of the unused space to affordable housing."

A questionnaire has been sent to residents asking if they would support the idea, with the view to the results being used as part of a case presented to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.

Spaxton Parish Council has acknowledged that installing suitable access to the site could prove costly for the developer.