STUDENTS, parents and staff came together for Haygrove Honours Evening where more than 70 awards were presented.

The awards were presented on Monday, July 2, by headteacher Karen Canham and guest speaker Richard Berry, headteacher at Sky College in Taunton.

Mr Berry gave the audience an insight into how he stays motivated in the face of challenges and provided lots of tips and advice to the pupils on how to reach their goals.

A spokesman for Haygrove School said: "Staff had a difficult task choosing which of the nominees in each subject should receive an Honours Award trophy, certificate and gift voucher in recognition of their hard work, progress and achievement during the last academic year."

Awards were given in each school subject and two students from each year group were recognised for ‘Best Attitude to Learning’ and ‘Outstanding Progress’.

Year 10 student Tabitha Silverson was presented with the ‘John Hoare Music Award’ which celebrates exceptional talent and contribution to music at school.

Prestigious ‘Student of the Year' awards were given to Manon Wilson (Year 10), Bella Darch (Year 9), Amelia Saleh (Year 8), David Halleron (Year 7) for their 'impressive overall performance and attitude to learning'.

The equally coveted ‘Head of Year’ Award, given to one student in each year group who is fully involved in school life, helps other people and always does their best, was given to Isabella Henley (Year 7), Matthew Gilbert (Year 8), Poppy Armstrong (Year 9) and Manon Wilson (Year 10).

Parents were also treated to some superb musical performances by Year 10 students Patrick Lockyer and Tabitha Silverson and Year 9 student Jonathan West, in addition to readings from Bella Darch, Iris Hammond (Year 9) and a drama performance by Alisha Hossein and Luke Chetland (Year 8).

“Honours Evening is a very special event as it allows us to collectively recognise and celebrate those students in our school who have shown exceptional endeavour and achievement this year,” said headteacher Mrs Canham.