'BOY racers' have been gathering in the North Petherton Community Centre car park.

Residents have expressed their frustration at the anti-social behaviour but North Petherton Community Centre committee say there is little that can be done without closing the car park.

Brian Turner, chairman of North Petherton Community Centre committee, said: "It is a nightmare. We call the police when there are issues but the cars have often dispersed by the time they arrive."

Mr Turner said the youngsters often gather late into the evening and will go racing around the area beyond midnight.

"It picks up a lot in summer months.

"Unfortunately there is not a lot we can do about it without closing the car park."

Mr Turner said a lot of the drivers are not from North Petherton but it seems to have become a meeting point for a group of racers.

"It bothers the neighbours who live behind the car park too if they are there late into the evening.

Residents on social media have expressed concerns that the village is being 'used as a race track' while another said the drivers 'seem to be trying to remove the tarmac in the car park with their tyres'.