BRIDGWATER played host to its biggest ever Day of Portugal celebration on Sunday, June 10.

Held at the Bridgwater Arts Centre between noon and 6pm, there were a total of 14 Portuguese artists performing on stage along with a Portuguese barbecue including sardines and various meats, as well as beer from the nation, and homemade Sangria available behind the bar.

Marco Santos, from organisers Tuga Productions, said: “As this is our 10th anniversary, we decided to give back to the community after all the help and hospitality the Portuguese people have received in Bridgwater and Somerset.

“We decided to donate 100 per cent of the ticket sales to the Bridgwater Foodbank, as this seemed the best way to give back to the community who have supported us.

“We are proud to have run the only celebration of the Day of Portugal in the last two years in the whole of the UK.

The celebrations involved a variety of styles of music including Portuguese rock, pop and traditional songs as well as Latin, Brazilian and African music.

There was face-painting on the day and the mayor of Bridgwater Cllr Diogo Rodrigues, who is from Portugal, joined in the celebrations.

“It was the fourth edition of the Day Of Portugal here in Somerset and we have worked hard to improve year by year the quality of our events and the way we get the local community to engage,” Mr Santos continued.

“The event gave people the chance to learn more and get to know the Portuguese neighbours as well as enjoy six hours of live music and eat lovely food.

“When we arrive in this country and in this town, we are provided with jobs and services such as schooling for our children and access to health services, so it is important we also work for the local community in order to support the ones who need.

“Portuguese people are hard workers, very friendly and we are well known for our solidarity and in the wake of Brexit it is more important than ever to share the positives of our culture.”