A FACEBOOK community page on a new North Petherton housing estate is becoming the talk of the town.

Wilstock and Stockmoor’s online forum this week topped 2,000 members, seven years after launching, despite only residents living in, or connected with, the two communities being able to join.

Founder and Wilstock resident Nicki Stevens and her husband and moderator Shane have found the level of interest extraordinary.

“These two communities are growing so fast, and people are so keen to reach out to each other, that social media is filling the gap left by the lack of community facilities,” said Mrs Stevens.

“It was amazing the amount of communication going on during the heavy snowfall recently.

“And the fact nowhere for people to meet or congregate has been built or provided in Wilstock village after nearly ten years, and Stockmoor has nowhere for people to go in the evenings.

“So residents are going online to communicate. More than 2,000 members of a closed group in such a short period of time is phenomenal.

“And we are having to turn people away from neighbouring areas who want to join as well.

“Its proving a very successful place for people to communicate information, thoughts, concerns, and ideas – like a community notice board, or a meeting place.”

Since the first residents moved in to Wilstock Village in 2010, and in Stockmoor in 2008, no community meeting place has been provided despite thousands of houses being built, and hundreds more planned.

With no bus service, community hall, school, pub or shops at Wilstock Village, and no formal meeting place at Stockmoor either, residents are having to travel outside the villages to get together.

A community forum, overseen by North Petherton town council as a sub committee, has so far been forced to meet at other venues.

But the Wilstock and Stockmoor Community Facebook page has continued to expand and grow.

Pictured is the 2,000th member, Wilstock software architect Zephie Greyvenstein with volunteer webpage moderators Helen Phillips and Shane Stevens (right) this week.

“We have only been here a short time, so it has been great to get involved online. I was surprised how many members the page had and the amount of information available. Its great!” said Mr Greyvenstein.