Admit it, most of us have raised an eyebrow or shaken a fist at somebody who, in our humble opinion, didn’t do the right thing on the road.

They may not have indicated when they were supposed to, given way at a junction or hogged the middle lane on the M5 for three miles.

But how many of us would have the tenacity to confront and verbally abuse a woman who is sat in heavy traffic with her children?

She’s unable to go anywhere because of queueing traffic ahead of her and, using her common sense to not block a junction, she stayed put until the lane ahead was clear.

That seems like the right decision to me, don’t you?

But there is one man who would disagree, a man who would deem it appropriate to get out of his van and berate this poor woman, a man who would have no idea how she would have felt after this confrontation.

A man who will probably do it again.

So, here’s message to that upset driver from the woman he called a ‘stupid cow’.

Bridgwater Mercury:

Dear Bridgwater Mercury,

This happens all too often at that junction and it would be good if the council could do something by way of either putting a keep clear sign or yellow box to show drivers it’s not acceptable to block the junction.

Maybe a better look at the way the sequence of lights changes during busier times needs to be carried out?

I stopped at the lights as they were just changing to red so was first in the queue. I travel this route twice a day with my children for the school runs so I know the way the lights work.

So, when the lights changed to green for me I could still see the lights further down on the Taunton road junction were still red. Therefore the already queued up traffic in front of me would not move and clear before my light went red again.

I chose to stay put as I would have just been stranded in the middle of the junction and in turn would have blocked people turning out from the Morrison’s junction, causing more congestion. So, I’m sat patiently waiting for the cars to move forward knowing I’d have no chance of going until the lights went green for a second time.

I then see an upset man walking towards my vehicle and then approach my driver’s side door. He proceeds to start shouting at me that there are 50 cars backed up behind me.

I opened my window and pointed to the queued-up cars in front of me and said how can I possibly move forward as there’s nowhere to move to and I’ll just block the junction if I do. But he kept ranting at me saying I’m causing the problem.

He then continued to shout at me saying that I’m a stupid cow because I was also in the wrong lane and that I should be in the right-hand lane.

However, the right-hand lane is the filter lane for traffic going into Morrison’s but I was going straight on so was in the correct lane.

A witness told me he saw him getting out of his van to approach me but didn’t know why. He said when we all moved that the van driver who took his time to get out and yell at me was in fact using the wrong lane himself and could have easily used the far left lane and sail through as he wasn’t going in my direction anyway!

I don’t know if he was just having a bad day, but even if I had done something wrong it’s a totally unacceptable way to handle a situation, especially as he would have seen my children sat with me as he got to my car door.

I wasn’t purposely trying to hold traffic up and he wouldn’t have got any further if I moved one car length forward.

I’m a confident and experienced driver of 21 years. I was left feeling quite unnerved and shaky after being approached by this man, although I gave him what for at the time. it was still a very intimidating situation to be in when you’re with your children.

This has made me realise that I need to invest in a dash cam.

Mrs Anonymous