OSCAR Wilde said: “To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect.”

Bringing this quote forward to the 21st Century, it would fit the Powwow Eat & Meet in the Exchange Building, Express Park, Bridgwater, like a glove.

The reason this Wilde quote is so compatible is what the customer is being offered, as it is certainly not what you would expect at such an establishment.

First up, this new business, which serves breakfast/brunch, was set up by professional chef Rob Finlayson and opened its doors to the public on Monday, January 15.

Bridgwater Mercury:

Secondly, the menu has more zing and spice than a chorizo, as it offers high class food in a five star-rated food hygiene restaurant.

The breakfast/brunch menu includes: - Powwow Breakfast: Local sausage and streaky bacon, button mushrooms, roasted tomato, homemade smoky baked beans, eggs your way and toasted sourdough. Black pudding and chorizo and also both available.

-Powwow Vegetarian breakfast: Potato and spinach rosti, halloumi cheese, button mushrooms, roasted tomato, baked beans, eggs your way and toasted sourdough.

-Spicy sausage, bean and egg: Nduja sausage, chorizo, cannellini beans, two poached eggs on toasted sourdough.

- Smashed avocado and chilli: Avocado, fresh chilli, coriander and line, two poached eggs on toasted sourdough (streaky bacon can be added) - Eggs Benedict: smoked ham, two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce (made fresh) on a toasted English muffin.

- Smoke Salmon and scrambled egg on toasted brioche - Porridge: This comes with banana, raisin, cinnamon and maple syrup.Mixed berry compote, nuts and honey.

There are also a range of jacket potatoes with an assortment of fillings including: - Chilli, guacamole and sour cream - Chicken curry - Macaroni and cheese - Homemade beaked beans - Secret recipe three cheese mix can be added.

Many of the ingredients which Rob uses in the meals are, where possible, sourced locally, such as the vegetables and bread.

Rob, 27, said: “The name for the restaurant comes from Powwow, which is the Native American given to a ceremony which brings all the tribes together.

Bridgwater Mercury:

“What I wanted to do was bring people together and make this a great place for people to come together, to hold meetings and to come out of their offices and come down here to have a bite to eat.

“There is a gym upstairs and this restaurant gives people a chance to come here after they have worked out and have a break.

“The location is good as it is five seconds away for the office workers in the area. There is a Premier Inn very close which has a number of workers from Hinkley based there who come here for food.

“It would also be good for people travelling along the M5 as it is five minutes off the motorway and on the road into Bridgwater.”

Rob likes to go the extra mile in attention to detail be with the design of the interior, coming up with the menu down to taking the third option for bakes beans.

Bridgwater Mercury:

He could have gone for cheap baked beans or he could have gone for expensive brand named baked beans but he took the ‘third way’ and decided he would make his own baked beans.

This type of choice is as Rob explained was ‘me being me’.

He added: “Me being me is not just about me being the manager and the owner it is about the team.

“I like to cook food as a head chef I would like to eat and I hope my customers would like to eat “I was trained as a professional chef.

“I worked at The Castle Hotel in Taunton as well as working at a number of country pubs and working at Scrumpers.

Bridgwater Mercury:

“All the knowledge I have picked up has been what you could call ‘on the job training’.

“What this has taught me is how to think on my feet.

“You learn how to work hard, how to put in the hours and how everything is a learning curve.

“For Powwow, I came up with the name, the brand, the design of the interior, worked to set up the business, acquire the lease and get the alcohol licence.

“We have recently got out Food Hygiene rating with his 5 (top marks). I do not think I would have settled for anything less.

“It is now important to build up our customers and make sure everything is top notch in order to be successful. I did do market research and listened to what people said so we can offer them what they want for lunch.

“What I want is for people to experience the WOW factor when they come here.

“In order to be a chef you have to be a bit of a perfectionist. It is a good trade to be in and I would recommend it to anyone.

“What you learn is hard work and how to get your head down but being part of a team.”

Bridgwater Mercury:

The location at the the Exchange Building, Express Park, Bridgwater was important for Rob as he saw the potential of what could be achieved at this spot. There is a grassed area outside which is secluded and Rob aims to put tables and chair out there in the summer.

Spend time at Powwow as it is open Monday to Friday 8am-4pm.