THERE are moments during an interview where you listen intently, when clarity rains down from above and something clicks into place which is special.

One of those moments came while I was listening to Hardeep Singh Kohli ahead of his Alternative, Fact UK tour which is coming to The McMillan Theatre in Bridgwater, on Friday, March 9.

He was talking about Trump (this will be revisited later) when he said: "Trump could be the best thing which has happened to civilisation."

Hardeep said the reason Trump (was a good thing) was he (Trump) had become unknown to himself a catalyst for change in the world such as the #metoo campaign and the way in which the NRA (National Rifle Association) was being investigated by journalists following all the gun shootings in America.

What flooded into my mind was a speech from The Third Man given by Orson Wells as Harry Lime which went: "You know what the fellow said – in Italy, for 30 years under the Borgias, they had warfare, terror, murder and bloodshed, but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance. In Switzerland, they had brotherly love, they had five hundred years of democracy and peace – and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock."

And there it is-a quote from a film which encapsulated the ethos of what Hardeep Singh Kohli was saying about Trump.

While a large amount of people do not like Trump, think he is a terrible President and do not want him in charge, he is a catalyst for positive change simply by being there.

He did feel very happy to be associated with a speech given by Orson Wells.

When listening to Hardeep he is an inherent storyteller, a man who wants people of all races and creeds to have a chance to let their voices be heard.

He felt comedians who grew up in the 1970s felt their voice was not heard until Billy Connolly and Victoria Wood broke through and voices form the working class could be heard.

This had allowed many people from different backgrounds to have their voices heard far more than they did before.

Bridgwater Mercury:

Hardeep felt comedy was one thing which was forever changing and adapting and he felt one of the funniest programmes on television was the Mash Report (BBC) and the two funniest comedians on it were Ellie Taylor and Rachel Parris who were women and were changing peoples perceptions.

Even on this tour he has played at a theatre where he had a discussion with a Brexiteer and the reasons the man in the audience Hardeep said was happy was he had been allowed to have his voice heard.

He said: "I think we are living in incredibly weird times, in some ways unprecedented with issues such as Brexit which has divided both the left and right. People cannot look to politicians for help. It is a time where people on Social Media think they are experts.

"The trouble is they consume a lot of information but they do not properly understand.

"What we are going through at the moment is a re-set and people are feeling more empowered.

"Trump was always going to happen and he could be one of the best things which has happened civilisation.

"What happened with Brexit was people felt they had become disenfranchised and they felt they were not being listened to; #metoo has happened and there are journalists looking at the NRA.

"We always need a bogeyman.

"This is a fascinating time as we have never been governed by such stupid people."

Forged out of all this political change is Alternative, Fact which is Hardeep’s take on today’s political climate.

In times of such political upheaval (such as a snap general election) we need a visionary to make sense of the nonsense.

While we're waiting for them to show up, Hardeep Singh Kohli pontificates on his take on Brexit, Scottish independence and Donald Trump. Combine that comedy goldmine with his quick-fire wit and patter and this year’s show is going to be his most successful yet.

Hardeep is well-known for his take on current affairs on many of the UK’s biggest news programmes and is bringing these views to the fore in his new live show.

He is a regular panellist on Channel 5’s hugely popular current affairs show, The Wright Stuff and has been a regular reporter on BBC1’s The One Show, as well as having been a guest on BBC 1's Question Time and This Week discussing subjects such as Scottish Independence and national identity. For Channel 4 he has written and presented the BAFTA Award-winning In Search of the Tartan Turban, the critically acclaimed and award winning Hardeep Does... and the seminal gambling series 50 Says You'll Watch This.

Looking ahead to coming to Somerset he said: "I love doing stand up and I enjoy engaging with people as I am a storyteller."

Tickets for Hardeep Singh Kohli: Alternative Fact cost £14.

These can be bought online at or call the box office on 01278 556677.