A BRIDGWATER mum was close to giving birth in the snow after her partner’s car became trapped in ice on the way to hospital.

Laura Lewis went in to labour at 3am on Saturday morning (March 3) but even with her path being cleared, the journey was not straightforward.

She then spent the next two hours in the car fearing that was where she was going to give birth before an ambulance finally arrived.

“We actually ended up getting stranded in Bawdrip in the car when we were trying to drop my eldest daughter, Amelia, three, off with her grandparents. The car got stuck on ice. It was a little dramatic to say the least,” Laura said.

Bridgwater Mercury:

“The ambulance got to us at 5.20am when my contractions were already down to three minutes so we nearly had a baby in the snow.”

Fortunately, the ambulance got Laura to Musgrove Park Hospital, in Taunton, in time and she gave birth to baby Bella Louise Lewis at 8.34am.

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She weighed 8lb 4oz and both mother and daughter are doing well.

Laura, who lives on the Redrow Estate in Chilton Trinity, near Bridgwater, was due to give birth on Friday but was snowed in.

But word quickly spread among neighbours of her plight and soon dozens of people were out braving the cold to clear a path so she could get to hospital.

Bridgwater Mercury:

Neighbour Lana Buchanan posted a video on social media which showed residents donning wellies and armed with spades to clear away the snow.

“A message was sent on our estate’s Whatsapp group for any help, there was then a exodus of neighbours with shovels who cleared their drive and the main access route out of the street,” Lana said.

“Local farmers also came through with a snow plough and were also trying to clear the main road to town. It has been a beautiful demonstration of neighbourly spirit.”

Thankfully, there was a nurse who lives a few doors down who was on hand to help if Laura went into labour.

Laura said her husband began to clear a path on Friday morning and residents then came to help.

She said at the time: “It was very unexpected, my husband and I started clearing the snow and a neighbour saw us and started helping, then lots more people joined in.

"I can’t thank everyone enough for helping us.”