ANGRY over a previous incident, a Yeovil mum assaulted a woman as they were both leaving a car auction site near Bridgwater.

Stacey Louise Glover was called a “slag” by the victim as they walked out of the premises in Dunball so she confronted her and then pushed her repeatedly.

However, in a basis of plea to the court, the defendant denied claims by the victim that she had punched her in the back of the head while holding a drink can.

She also refuted her claims that she had followed her to a waiting car and banged on the window, maintaining she had just tapped on it.

As a result of the two different versions a Newton hearing was held before Somerset Magistrates to determine the true facts of the case before she could be sentenced.

Glover, 27, a mum of five from Marl Close, Yeovil, pleaded guilty on a basis that she assaulted Samantha O’Loughlin by beating her at Bridgwater on August 21.

Stuart Sampson, prosecuting, said that on the day in question Miss O’Loughlin went to the British Car Auctions at Dunball with her brothers, partner and father to buy a car.

“They collected the vehicle and on the way out there was an incident involving Glover, who she knew and had a bit of history with,” he said.

“The defendant pushed the victim several times and was then said to have punched her in the right ear with her fist while holding a drink can.”

However, Mr Sampson said Glover admitted pushing the defendant several times to her shoulders but said she did not punch her.

“She said that Miss O’Loughlin had called her a slag at the car auction and walked off but she then walked over to her and said that if she had something to say then she should say it to her face,” he said.

“She then pushed her on the shoulders a few times and saw them get into a car and the victim’s partner was gesturing at her so she tapped the window but said she didn’t use her fists as the victim had claimed.”

Giving evidence via video link, Miss O’Loughlin said that after pushing her, Glover then punched her on the ear causing instant pain and ringing and a lump on the back of her head.

Speaking from the witness stand, Glover said she had fallen out with the victim a few days before the incident and said she only realised Miss O’Loughlin was there with her brother when she started shouting and calling her names.

“I started walking towards them and said that if she had something to say then she should say it to my face and I then pushed her with both hands to her shoulders,” she said.

“I was quite angry with her due to the incident that happened a few days before and after I pushed her a couple of times she pushed me back on my shoulders so I pushed her again.

“She then got into her father’s car and I tapped the window as her partner was gesturing at me, but I didn’t punch her.”

The magistrates said that they found there were inconsistencies in the evidence given by Miss O’Loughlin and her brother, who was also present at the scene.

However they said they found that Glover’s account had been “very credible” and accepted her guilty plea on the basis that there was only pushing involved and no punches.

Paul Ricketts, defending, said that there had been some ill feeling on both sides due to a previous incident and said that Glover had not been before the courts for the last seven years.

She was currently claiming benefits but hoped to start college and study a midwifery course in the future.

The magistrates imposed a 12-month conditional discharge on the defendant and ordered her to pay a £20 victim surcharge. However they made no requests for costs or compensation.