EDF’s new CEO is confident Hinkley C will be producing power by 2025.
Simone Rossi, who took over the role in November, visited the site on Wednesday to announce EDF’s ambitions for Sizewell C, in Suffolk, as well as updating people on the progress being made on Hinkley – Britain’s first new power plant in a generation.

Mr Rossi described Hinkley C as a ‘staggering logistical task’ and said EDF has a strong relationship with the local population.
“Many local people work here and we have built strong relationships with local stakeholders, businesses and councils,” Mr Rossi said.

“We are building a huge infrastructure project and we have been working hard to minimise the adverse impact of that on local people and be a good neighbour. Inevitably there will be more traffic on the roads, but we are also the catalyst for a great deal of opportunities here including a huge number of skilled, well-paid jobs.”

When complete Hinkley C will have two EPR reactors which will generate enough electricity for six million homes, or seven per cent of the UK’s electricity. There are currently nearly 3,000 workers on site although in 2020 when construction hits its peak, that number is expected to rise to 5,600.

Mr Rossi discussed the milestones in construction EDF was planning to hit in the coming months. “We hope to have the jetty complete by the end of 2018 which will mean we will be able to bring in 80 per cent of aggregates by sea.

“The next major milestone, which we call J-zero, is due in June 2019 – that is when all the groundwork for the house will be in place as it were.

"I am confident we will be producing power from here in 2025 – we have hit every milestone for the project since the final investment decision in September 2016,” Mr Rossi said.

Mr Rossi expects Hinkley C to have a positive lasting impact on the local area. He said: “When complete, the power station will employ 900 people, compared to 500 at Hinkley B.”

Mr Rossi also announced that EDF is pressing ahead with plans for another new nuclear power station at Sizewell C. He said this could be built 20 per cent cheaper than Hinkley C by using the Somerset plant as a template.

He said: “Nuclear is an important part of the mix for the future of energy along with renewables. Nuclear power provides large volumes of low carbon electricity when it is needed – even on a dark, cold and still winter’s night.”