WORK to develop new £200,000 traffic calming measures around Cannington will start next summer, it has been announced.

Councillors for the area say they are delighted with the response to proposals for the area following a consultation.

Cannington has seen an increase in traffic since work on Hinkley C started and has experienced even more congestion due to roadworks associated with the creation of a new park and ride and cycle path which will link the village with Bridgwater.

Councillor Colin Allen, chairman of Cannington Parish Council, said after nearly two years the plans are now in place for the parish council to bid for funding to deliver them.

Plans include adding a new traffic island on the main road, improving signage at Cannington Roundabout, widening footpaths on Brook Street and Fore Street, to provide a new crossing and relocate the bus stop on the High Street.

He said: “We estimate the total cost will be £150,000 to £200,000 and all going well we will be looking at an early summer start.

“This has been our top priority for the last two years so it is great it is all coming together. We undertook initial consultation with residents in February 2015 asking them what traffic calming measures they would like to see in the village,” Cllr Allen said.

“We then entered discussions with Somerset County Council who looked at the options in terms of health and safety and viability. They came back to us with plans which we exhibited in the village.”

The parish council hosted a special public meeting in the village hall so residents could see the plans.

“More than 100 people attended and from the survey we took, 93 per cent said they were in favour of the proposals,” Cllr Allen said.

The next step is to go try and gain funding from the EDF Hinkley C Community Impact Mitigation (CIM) funding in January.

“We have not yet discussed how long the work will take, but the main aim is to improve safety, and although there are a number of different things proposed, the main area of traffic calming will be around the village hall and school area,” Cllr Allen added.

The plans can be viewed on the council’s website and will be discussed at its next meeting on Wednesday, November 29.