A HECKLER who tried to interrupt the reading of the results at Bridgwater Carnival was shut down in amusing fashion on Saturday night.

As the Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival publicity and marketing officer Chris Hocking was reading out the results, one audience member took it upon himself to shout 'FIX!' after every result in the Pairs Class.

Mr Hocking, clearly frustrated by the heckler, quickly stops and states: "If I hear that one more time I'm not going to read out the rest of the results, so can you shut him up?"

Lo and behold the heckler is not heard again throughout the rest of the results.

This brilliant passage of video can be found at 3.40 on the video on the following link on the Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival Facebook page.

We're also big fans of the man at around 2.00 who celebrates the result of best dressed driver with a delayed reaction, then sticking both his arms straight up in the air and marching a few paces forward, turning 180 degrees and marching back to his original spot.

Bridgwater Mercury:

The main results for the Bridgwater Carnival Clubs starts at 9.18 with the moment the Gremlins realise they have retained the Ker Cup at 11:09.

CLICK HERE: Well worth a watch as a way to round off a fantastic carnival weekend.