VAPING could be the key to giving up cigarettes for good this Stoptober say Public Health England and a Bridgwater shop is backing the campaign.

Phil Craston, area manager of E-Cigarette Direct, which has a store in Angel Place is a former smoker who says vaping helped him off of a costly smoking habit.

"One day I ended up at the doctors and after I saw an x-ray of my lungs I knew I had to quit, but at that time the only way to get hold of e-cigarettes was online and there was a lot of misinformation out there about the practice," Mr Craston said.

"I found them helpful to kick the smoking habit and I am a lot healthier now, and this made me want to help other smokers and make e-cigarettes more accessible."

Public Health England say vaping is at least 95 per cent safer than smoking, and that of the 2.9 million people using e-cigarettes, just over half of those have given up traditional cigarettes completely.

Mr Craston said his store will have a portable trolley outside Angel Place in the coming weeks where smokers will be able to try an e-cigarette.

"We know it is not always easy but we want cigarettes users to be able to come and just give e-cigarettes a try.

"For those hardcore smokers we have vape versions of many of the favourite brands of traditional cigarettes, while there are also all sorts of flavours from vanilla to strawberry custard."

An e-cigarette is a device that allows you to inhale addictive nicotine through vapour rather than smoke, but according to Public Health England carry a fraction of the risk of cigarettes.

The Stoptober campaign is being run with members of the e-cigarette trade association, The Independent British Vape Trade Association.

If you’re interested in learning more contact the ‘E-cigarette Direct’ head office on 01792 852862 or Email: