A FOURTH unexploded bomb thought to date back to the Second World War has been found in the Bristol Channel not far from Hinkley C.

Watchet Coastguard say the 250lb device is partially detonated and is advising vessels in the area to proceed with caution and stay at least 500m away from the site.

It is likely the device will be dealt with via a controlled detonation later today (Saturday, September 16).

This is the fourth such device that has been found in the past two months, but EDF, who are building a jetty for Hinkley C off the coast near Stogursey, say it is normal practice to check the seabed before construction activity starts on any marine project.

David Eccles, EDF Energy’s Head of Stakeholder Engagement for Hinkley Point C, said: “The safety of the public and our workforce is our priority and we have a team of 10 divers checking the seabed ahead of the construction of the main cooling water tunnels and associated seabed structures for Hinkley Point C."