BRIDGWATER Town Council will be discussing whether the parish should be a 'frack-free zone' at its upcoming full council meeting.

A motion put forward by town council leader Cllr Brian Smedley and seconded by Cllr Kathy Pearce recommends that the unless it can be proven fracking does not risk damaging the local environment and economy, the parish of Bridgwater should resolve to be a frack-free zone.

The motion proposed by Cllr Smedley states: "This Council recognises that areas of Somerset have been licensed for onshore unconventional oil and gas development, which could include the process of fracking.

"Unless and until these activities can be shown to have a 'social licence to operate' and that the consensus of scientific peer-reviewed evidence indicates that they can be carried out without risk to public health, without risk to the environment, without risk to water contamination, without risk to our rural economy, and furthermore that the industry as a whole can meet the three tests set by the Government's Committee on Climate Change, the Parish of Bridgwater is resolved to be a frack-free zone."