THE ladies of Somerset WASPI gathered together in various parts of the county on Budget Day to make the journey to London. 

Everyone had an early start; methods of transport included trains, organised coaches and buses. 

The ultimate destination, Westminster, reached by travelling to Paddington, Waterloo, Victoria and Hammersmith bus stations.

These groups were led by coordinators for Somerset WASPI: Rose Lee, Marilyn Preston, Sheryl Walmsley and Sue Bloska from Bridgwater.

Once gathered, the ladies, together with some husbands and helpers, presented a formidable sight as they joined with over 5,000 fellow protestors outside the Houses of Parliament. 

There are an estimated 3.48 million WASPI women in the UK – those who have had their retirement dreams shattered by the accelerated, and in many cases unnotified, changes to the state pension age.

Somerset WASPI, about 30 ladies representing over 36,000 Somerset women affected by the changes, had a very successful day. 

The ladies met with Lord Paddy Ashdown, broadcaster Martin Lewis and Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron.

Sheryl Walmsley said: "The noise of the gathered ladies was deafening and could even be heard inside the Houses of Parliament during the Budget speech."

Lib Dem leader Mr Farron said: “It was great to meet Rose Lee and other members of Somerset WASPI. 

"This issue is a gross unfairness. These women and thousands like them have paid in to their pensions only to find, through no fault of their own, the government moved the goal posts. 

"It's up to the government to find a remedy so they are no longer unfairly disadvantaged. I will be putting pressure on Conservative ministers to act to right this wrong.”

If you would like more information about Somerset WASPIs, go to and look at the Local Group Directory which will detail contact information for the various coordinators across Somerset.