In this week's column Sedgemoor FM's DJ Dave Englefield gives us his thoughts on Bridgwater Carnival.

It's that time of year again. I always say that aliens could land in the middle of town around about now and we would take virtually no notice other than to remark that the costumes looked really good and wondering which club they were from.

Other than that, I genuinely doubt we’d take so much as a second glance. Yes, carnival season is upon us once again as you may have noticed.

An occasion that showcases the amazing talent in our little part of the world. I always feel a certain amount of pride when talking to people who have travelled, in some cases from abroad, just to watch the 'Greatest Show On Earth'.

Good luck to all involved, may your lights light, your generators generate and your tractors tract. Or something like that.

It’s also 20 years ago this week that the very first trial of BCRfm started. We launched on the November 1 on 105.4FM from a temporary studio above what was then Warmer Shield Windows in Eastover.

The then mayor cut the ribbon and I had the honour of being the first voice on air.

The trial run lasted 28 days and absolutely flew by. Remarkably, here we are all these years later and you can still hear me, Nick, Mark and Scott on air here in town.

Not bad considering we were told we’d never make it happen. Of course we all still look exactly the same as well.

You can hear Dave Englefield on the Breakfast Show on 104.2 Sedgemoor FM, weekdays from 6am.