RAMBLERS Carnival Club have been crowned the 2016 Bridgwater Carnival Concert stage champions.

With their energetic performance Road to Nowhere, the club, who are based at The Bunch of Grapes Pub on St John Street, won the prestigious White Hart Cup for the first time in seven years.

All 13 carnival clubs taking part in the town’s annual carnival concerts fiercely compete to win this much sought after trophy, which is awarded by the judges to the gang or feature who gains the highest number of points at the carnival concerts.

The ten judges assess the nightly stage performances against the following categories: entertainment value, presentation of them, vocal ability and choice of music, choreography/stillness, scenery, lighting and effect, costumes and make up.

Last week we caught up with some of the members from Ramblers CC, and their excitement and emotion at winning this year’s carnival concerts was still very evident.

Steve Whaites, president for Ramblers CC, said: “I would like to say how proud and privileged it was to be part of the team on stage, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank every person who was involved.”

Stuart Lukins, club captain for Ramblers CC, said: "This is the first year we designed a replica model depicting a town hall stage, and I would like to thank Andrew Prewer for helping us to do this. It was obviously a successful formula.”

Andy Meek, stage coordinator for Ramblers CC, said: “The club would also like to thank Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival committee and the front and back stage staff for all of their help and hard work in putting on such a wonderful and professional show for the public. We really do appreciate their continued support.”

Ian Saunders, cart coordinator for Ramblers CC, said: “Following on our stage success the club would like to replicate the fun and hard work and put on a great show on the cart for the watching public at Bridgwater Carnival on Saturday 5 November.”