DO you ever look at modern art and think - I could do better than that?

Well you may want to get an entry ready for this year's Turnip Prize, the lesser known spoof art award that parodies the Tate Modern's Turner Prize.

The prize, which is run by Trevor Prideaux from Wedmore, started as a joke in 1999, but gained national media attention and inspired similar prizes.

Credit is given to entries containing bad puns as titles and displaying a lack of effort, conversely considered to have put in too much effort are immediately disqualified.

The winners receive The Turnip Prize - a turnip nailed to a block of wood.

Conceived by management and regulars of The George Hotel (now the New Inn) in Wedmore, after the exhibition of Tracey Emin's My Bed won the Turner Prize.

The competition is based on the supposition, 'We know it's rubbish, but is it art?'.

Competitors submitted entries of ridiculous objects posing as contemporary art, mostly made from junk titled with spoofs or puns.

Last year's winner was Bonksy with a piece called 'Dismal And' - piece of wood with a sad looking '&'.

Mr Prideaux said: "We will be accepting entries for this year's competition from Tuesday, November 1. Entries should take the least amount of effort possible to create."

To enter contact Trevor on 01934 710004 or 07812 848011, or alternatively leave your entry at The New Inn.

Entrants should include their name or pseudonym and contact phone number.

The closing date for entries is Monday, November 21 and the winner will be announced at the New Inn on Monday, December 5 at 6.30pm.