THERE is plenty to get excited about with this year's spectacular Bridgwater Carnival Concerts running over the next fortnight.

The 2016 Carnival Concerts began on Monday and will run until Saturday, October 15.

The Concerts start at 7pm on weekday nights and 6pm at weekends, with the show lasting approximately 4 hours.

The Carnival Concerts act as a great warm up for the clubs for their dance routines and choreography before the main Carnival event and runs for 12 nights.

The Concert is itself a great spectacle, each night always sells out and has a prestigious local following.

Between each act from the 13 carnival clubs and two dance troupes that participate as 'front of curtain' acts fill the time with music, singing and magic tricks to entertain the audience.

The panel of eight judges follow a set of criteria to determine the prize winners, looking for entertainment value, presentation, vocal ability, choreography, lighting, scenery, costumes and make-up.

The results are then announced at the close of the Concert on the second Saturday performance.

Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival's new president Malcolm Cattle said: "This is my first year as president of the Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival and I feel very privileged to take on such a prestigious role.

"You really are in for a feast of entertainment at Bridgwater Town Hall. I honestly believe that a Bridgwater Carnival Concert is on par with, if not better than, a top-selling stage show at the West End or on Broadway.

"Carnivals and the arts are really thriving in Bridgwater and long may this continue."

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