PROTESTORS have been taking to the streets of Bridgwater to campaign against Hinkley Point C, ahead of the big decision.

The peaceful demonstration, organised by Stop Hinkley, called for people to gather in King's Square on July 28 between 10am and 1pm.

Roy Pumfrey, of Stop Hinkley, said: "If the decision is that Hinkley Point C goes ahead, Stop Hinkley will be surprised and disappointed.

"Giving Hinkley Point C the go ahead is an act of political vanity.

"The reactor has been described by EDF's own engineers as possibly unbuildable.

"It will take at least ten years to build- too long to be capable of keeping the lights on.

"It will cause massive disruption to the surrounding area and its economy.

"The electricity it may generate will be twice the price of electricity today, a price index linked and guaranteed for 35 years.

"If it is delayed - again - possibly until 2019 or until the reactor at Flamanville is working - that will just be to enable EDF to save face until it eventually cancels the project.

Calling Hinkley Point C off is the best possible solution.

"Five years of developing renewables have already been wasted whilst the French, British and Chinese governments have danced around the futile Hinkley project.

"Stop Hinkley would welcome this move in the right direction."