A CHURCHGOING pensioner has hit out after receiving a parking ticket for using a spot she has regularly parked in over the past four decades.

Naomi Molton, 86, has been attending St Joseph’s Church in Binford Place for the past four decades.

She said she has always parked without a problem in the church car park, or on the road outside of the church if there is no spaces.

But on Good Friday, after parking in the street, Mrs Molton was shocked when she came out of her service to discover a £70 parking fine on her car from Somerset County Council.

“It was on Good Friday that I came out of church and found a parking fine clamped to my car in the street,” she said.

“I am absolutely incensed about this because I’ve been parking here for 40 years without a problem.

“I’m 86 and not in the know about things changing.”

She said she challenged the decision but it was refused, as the council said parking rules apply from Monday to Saturday – including bank holidays, such as Good Friday.

“I wrote a letter to Somerset County Council disputing what has happened and I was denied any leeway,” she said.

“I feel so furious because it was Good Friday – a holy day – and the same as a bank holiday so charges shouldn’t apply.”

Mrs Molton says there should be a differentiation between herself and hardened criminals who break the rules all the time.

“I am a law abiding citizen and a daily mass goer – they need to differentiate between myself and hardened criminals,” she added.

“I don’t break the rules.

“I wrote and phoned the council and was rejected and I even phoned (Bridgwater MP) Ian Liddell-Grainger.

“I’ve always lived my life on principles and I feel very firmly about this.

“I don’t mind paying a small fine but £70 is ridiculous - it’s really got my goat.”

A Somerset County Council spokesperson said: “Parking restrictions in Bridgwater’s King Street apply Monday to Saturday, including public and bank holidays – Sunday is the only day these restrictions do not apply.

“We would encourage any motorist who has received a penalty notice, to appeal, if they feel there are mitigating circumstances which should be considered.

“You can Visit www.somerset.gov.uk/parking, or phone 0300 123 2224 for more information.”